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*Taps microphone* testing, 1, 2, 3.

Welcome, friends, family, and strangers my mother told me not to talk to on the internet.

My name is Eric, I am the founder and coworking manager of Blank Coworking. Blank has now been operating for 4 months, and after much procrastinating, I have finally arrived at this item on my to-do list: “write first Blank Coworking blog post”.

Shenanigans at Blank Coworking drinks

So you might ask, “Eric, why do we need another Blog on the Interweb?”. The answer is simple, my digital marketing friend told me that blog posts are really good for Google SEO…so here we are.

Jokes aside, I want this channel to focus on 2 main topics:

  1. My journey in starting my first business. Totally boostrapped, out of my depth, and excited to take risks in an industry that is bursting at the seams. Even in the first four months of operating there have been many lessons and experiences which would be valuable to anyone out there also on their own business journey.
  2. The thriving community surrounding the coworking space. Blank Coworking is located on the bustling and artsy Acland Street, in the Melbourne suburb of St Kilda. Acland Street boasts a number of legendary businesses that have amazing stories to tell. These businesses have faced many challenges, adapted to situations, and ultimately have done many things right to succeed and get to where they are today. I want to use this blog as a platform to showcase these to you all.
A snapshot of Acland Street

So, for context, it’s probably appropriate for me to properly introduce myself to you…

My name is Eric, some call me Ezza, and one of the members at Blank has taken the liberty of nicknaming me “Uncle Ezz”. I live in Melbourne, Australia and was born to a humble Russian-Jewish family. I have never been to Russia, but I hope to visit the motherland someday.

After completing university with a Commerce/Arts degree, I realised:

  • My Arts degree with a philosophy major was effectively useless in securing any financial stability for myself.
  • The path of my commerce degree would lead me to taking a graduate job and becoming a ‘suit’. Not ideal…
Eric writing this blog post

So with $50,000 in university debt, I left university with little idea of what career I wanted for myself. Fast forward a few years, I found myself in a position to purchase Blank Coworking (formerly known as Blank Canvas Coworking). With no serious job tying me down, I took a big risk and I’m happy to report I don’t regret it one bit.

I am excited to pump out many more blog posts and I hope you choose to stick around.

See you soon at the next post 🙂



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